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ETAP 623 Fall 2010 Class Members

Please add your name below and link your name to your personal user page. To encourage peer review and feedback, and specifically to prepare for our "developmental try-out," we have now set up small groups based on the content you're addressing.

Jianwei Zhang Instructor, ETAP assistant professor.

Math and Science Group

Jennifer Krol: Better Understanding of Mathematical Concepts through the Graphing Calculator(Instructor commented on your units, 11/27)

Christine Podgorski: Portfolio for Models: A Case Study for Instructional Tools. (Instructor commented on your units, 11/27)

Social Studies Group

Laura Bartlett: Understanding and Integrating Interactive Student Notebooks in the Secondary Classroom (Instructor commented on your units, 11/27)

Colleen Organ: Teaching Using Technology (Instructor commented on your objectives and task analysis 11/9)

Michael Flynn: Teaching Socials Studies for Understanding (Instructor commented on your units, 11/29)

Jamilah Jones-McLean: It's All Greek To Me! (An instructional case on integrating a variety of sources) (Instructor commented on your unit, 11/27)

Language Arts Group

Sue Rappazzo: Understanding Dyslexia and Severe Reading Disabilities (Instructor commented on your unit, 11/27)

Christina Nash: Using Fan Fiction and Instructional Conversation to Increase Student/Text Involvement(Instructor commented on your unit, 11/27)

Vivian Richelsen: Using Smartboard Technology to Teach the Future and Conditional Tenses (An Instructional Case) (Instructor commented on your unit, 11/28))

Yang Huang: Let's Speak Chinese! (Instructor commented on your course, 11/28))

New Technology Group

Christopher Compson: Collaborative Writing Utilizing Online Environments(Instructor commented on your course, 11/29))

Melissa Pietricola: Web 2.0 for the 21st Century Educator (Instructor commented on your unit 11/29)

New Curriculum and Learning Environments

Ashley Setter: Action Research. (Instructor commented on your unit 11/29)

Nicole Pierson: Metacognitive Study Strategies for College Students (Instructor commented on your unit 11/29)

Donna Alese Cooke: Garden-Based Learning Across the Curriculum (Instructor commented on your unit 11/29)

Chris Poulopoulos: Creating a Bully Free Environment (Instructor commented on your unit 11/29)

Doctoral Group for Special Topics

Darlene Judson I have been teaching high school math for five years. I am dual certified mathematics 7-12 and special education 7-12.

Jiyeon Lee Doctoral student at UA.

Evaluation criteria

Evaluation criteria

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