Teaching Using Technology


Benefits Of Using Technology in Education



Teachers are faced with the challenge of preparing students for a world that we cannot foresee yet. As technology grows, the world becomes ever more interdependent and complex. Schools have the responsibility to prepare students for changes in cultures, technology, and the economy. Students need to be prepared to enter a world following graduation ready and able to use and implement various technologies. In the 21st century, teachers will begin to incorporate technologies in the classroom thus reaching more learning styles than ever in order to keep pace with the changing technologies and expectations outside the classroom. Students need to be able to think critically, be innovative, and work within a group if they are going to be ready for future professions. Technology is an ever changing phenomenon, and if used efficiently can open up learning and make it relevant to student lives allowing for more comprehension than ever before.

As a result of this course, my hope is that teachers will have a better understanding of the benefits of technology and gain a greater understanding of the technologies available to today's teachers.

Unit 1: Understanding the Benefits of Using Technology

Target Objective

Check.jpg Learners will be able to identify the meaning, goals, and construction of using technology in the classroom.

Unit 2: Identifying Useful Technology

Target Objective

Check1.jpg Learners will be able to identify useful tools to implement in order to teach using various types of technology within their lessons to increase student scores on assessments.

Unit 3: Practicing with Technology Tools and Examples

Target Objective

Check1.jpg Learners will be able to view various examples of technology that is used in classrooms.

Unit 4: Implementing Instruction with Technology

Target Objective

Check.jpg Learners will be able to design and choose to use appropriate technology tools

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