Problem Based Curriculum Development - A Case Study


Problem Based Curriculum Development: A Case Study on Utilizing Robotics as a Vehicle for Real World Student Learning

The following case study is an actual scenario where a middle school is implementing a problem based curriculum utilizing collaborative strategies designed to develop a classroom learning community where students work together to resolve authentic problems while supporting each others learning. Teachers reviewing this case will recognize: a sequential process of gaining an under-standing of student needs and prerequisites; developing an effective problem designed to generate student interest, motivation and deep understanding; determining resource requirements and classroom configurations; the establishment of effective goals and objectives directed toward the mission of developing life long learners and the necessary social skills to succeed in the real world; an assessment strategy that extends the lesson to other related topics thereby ensuring transfer; and as a culminating exercise a thorough analysis of outcomes designed to support curriculum adjustments.

Please use the link above to review the Word document.Media:Problem_Based_Curriculum_Development.doc