Using Fan Fiction and Instructional Conversation to Increase Student/Text Involvement



This four unit course is designed to help English Language Arts teachers create a curriculum unit that uses Instructional Conversation and Fan Fiction to increase student/text involvement through asynchronous online discussions and the collaborative creation of a Fan Fiction piece. Both aspects of this course, Instructional Conversation and Fan Fiction, can be used separately, but it is my hope that by integrating these two aspects, you can encourage your students to become more deeply involved in the texts they read both inside and outside of the classroom.

Please progress through the units at your leisure. The first two units offer readings on both Instructional Conversation and Fan Fiction and seek reflections on your current teaching practices. The third unit, an introduction to Google Docs, gives you the opportunity to become acquainted with this fantastic tool, which I have found to be increasingly useful in my teaching practices. Lastly, the final unit asks you to put this all together through a final reflection and the creation of a basic unit outline that can serve as the foundation for using IC and Fan Fiction in your classroom.

As an English teacher, I understand the frustration ELA educators face first-hand with student's disinterest in literature. By presenting them with the sheer creativity that Fan Fiction offers, we can re-engage them in literature and give them authentic opportunities to experiment with texts, collaborate with peers, and find their voices as writers.

At the end of this unit, your students will create a piece of Fan Fiction. I've included some examples from books frequently used in ELA classrooms.

Unit 1 Introduction to Instructional Conversation

Unit 2 Introduction to Fan Fiction

Unit 3 Introduction to Google Docs

Unit 4 Helping Students Create Fan Fiction