Call for Collaboration

If you are a teacher and interested in participating in this network, a school leader or teacher educator who wants to use some of the mini-courses from the KNILT site in your teacher development initiatives, or a researcher who sees opportunities for collaborative research on this network, please contact Dr. Jianwei Zhang through email: jzhang1(at)

The Technology and Co-Creativity in Learning (TaCCL) Research Lab, directed by Dr. Jianwei Zhang at the University at Albany-SUNY, is dedicated to exploring new possibilities of engaging students in collaborative and creative knowledge work within and across disciplinary areas with the support of new technologies and developing teachers' creative capacity to support such learning among students. To know more about our research and explore possible collaboration, please visit: 
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  • Technology Development : Funded by a NSF Cyberlearning research grant, Drs. Jianwei Zhang, Mei-Hwa Chen, and their team recently created a timeline-based collective knowledge mapping tool– Idea Thread Mapper (ITM). It can help a knowledge building community to engage in formative reflection on idea progress in extended online discourse. Each line of inquiry focusing on a shared principal theme is represented as an idea thread, extending from the first to the last discourse entry. Reflecting on the diverse, unfolding idea threads helps students to understand the conceptual landscape of their collaborative work and envision opportunities for deeper contribution and collaboration. We are testing ITM-aided collaborative reflection in Grade 3 and 5/6 classrooms in Canada, China, and Albany, NY, with positive impact on sustained knowledge building. (Source: Idea Thread Mapper (ITM) Released in Both English and Chinese)