Web 2.0 for the 21st Century Educator



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Web 2.0 for the 21st Century Educator


There is an avalanche of technology! It can be down-right overwhelming. This professional development course aims to satisfy the technological and time concerns of faculty members working to integrate web 2.0 tools into their classroom practice. We will explore the many options that exist, practice using a few that apply to our curriculum, then share our ideas for application.

The Fayetteville-Manlius district has promoted the 21st Century Learner Attributes that they find most valuable. This course addresses the learner as an Effective Communicator (collaborating strategically in a technology-rich environment) and Critical Thinker (evaluating resources in all forms for validity and accuracy).


That teachers will explore, try and confidently implement web 2.0 tools into their teaching.

To Begin

The daily responsibilities of the average teacher keep us unbelievably busy. Now they want us to integrate all new technologies into our teaching! Let's put our goals into context by starting with this short reading. [1]

Our aim in this course adheres well to this author's main message. Teachers need technological competence and time to experiment to create lessons and learning activities that allow for student autonomy in the creation of real world artifacts.

Melissa's Portfolio Page

Modules and Performance Objectives

select the module headings below to review learner activities

Module 1 Learning


  • While working in Blackboard, the participant will generate a course for their students to explore, discuss, and submit content work within.

Module 2 Reflecting and Presenting


  • Within edublogs.net, participant will execute the construction of a professional blog to be read by colleagues and students regarding their classroom instruction.

Module 3 Researching


  • 3A. By visiting Diigo, the participant will discriminate in the organization and classification of online sources.
  • 3B. Within Google, the participant will practice executing various information search tools and create a lesson that demonstrates their utility to their students.

Module 4 Implementing


  • Keeping in mind their given content, participant will generate lessons that enhance the delivery of information using the tools we have learned and share them with colleagues.