Collaborative Writing Utilizing Online Environments




As research and empirical evidence indicates, facility in writing is augmented when the author is aware of a genuine audience and able to develop their ideas through collaboration and feedback. As Miller, Wald, Harris, Bollier,and Hill (2010) point out, "each aspect of the writing process—including invention, writing, and editing—are inherently social acts that benefit from and thrive in a collaborative environment." Given the advances in instructional technology over the past decade, the ease, ability, and efficacy of collaborative writing has never been greater. In completing this course, participants will be able to provide rich collaborative writing opportunities using online environments.

By completing this unit, participants will:

1. understand the purpose and reason for collaborative writing by engaging in class discussion.

2. explain and understand the various forms of online collaborative writing by creating a graphic organizer outlining five online collaborative writing environments by using an online writing environment.

3. design a collaborative writing unit that facilitates understanding by creating lessons using appropriate online collaborative writing environments.


In each unit, the pencil symbol indicates a task that is necessary for participants to complete.

Unit One: Collaborative Writing - When and Why

Unit Two: Collaborative Writing - Examining Online Environments

Unit Three: Designing Collaborative Writing in Online Environments