Featured mini-courses from Spring 2020

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Our Spring 2020 class members have created a rich set of new mini-courses, covering timely topics such as: health education, socio-emotional wellbeing and mindfulness, learning to code, games for knowledge building, collaboration, and new technologies, strategies, and assessments for literacy, art/dance, social studies, and STEM classrooms.


Kevin Hittle: Technology and Collaboration in Medical Education

Rhonda McClam: Integrating Gamification and Knowledge-Building

Ben Zalewski: Blooms Taxonomy in Social Studies

Erin Bridgers: Reflective Practices in the Art Room

Ashley Schecher : Student Mindset and Motivation

Nicole Lassone : All about ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences)

Madison Miller : Confidence in Math

Sarah Sypher: Mindfulness in the Elementary Classroom

Olivia Santoro: Reciprocal Teaching in Mathematics

Jessica Guthrie: Developing Metacognition Using Self and Peer Assessment in the Math Classroom

YangHyun Kim : Encouraging Korean STEM teachers to implement Culturally Responsive pedagogy for 1.5 generation immigrants

Brian Desrochers: Using data-intensive media to promote science education

Erica Hamilton : Increasing Parental Involvement and Student Achievement

Mariah Jacobson : Integrating Dance Concepts and Interdisciplinary Practices

Meghan Conway: Understanding and Integrating Age Appropriate Mindfulness Activities

Chelsea Gillespie: Collaborative Learning in the Math Classroom

Sydney Wilk: Flexible Seating Within the K-12 Classroom

Kyle Albano Soundtrap for Educators

Megan Geariety : Self Paced Learning through the GRID Method

Rachel Horstman : Engaging Phonics with Technology

Joe Bradley : Implementing Media Literacy Education to your Social Studies Classroom

Elizabeth Charity : Manipulatives to assist in scaffolding curriculum

Christie Lee: Problem-Based Learning in Mathematics

Nancy Behrens: Using Seesaw in the Middle School Science Classroom

Stacy Bressette : Teaching Kids to Code (When You're Not Quite Sure How to Code Yourself)

Andria Manolopoulos : Mathematician's Plan: Promoting Thinking In Math

Alysia Brunner: Classroom Dojo: How to Effectively use Behavior Management