Integrating Gamification and Knowledge-Building


Have you ever learned something from a game?

Level 1

  • Participants will define, apply, reflect and have fun playing a learning game (or gamified assessments) that are design to promote the principles of Knowledge-Building, Gameology, and Common Core Learning Standards to earn 10,000 points and a Bronze Star

Level 2

  • Players will engage in communication, reflection, analysis, critical thinking and problem solving tasks to build their conceptual understanding to earn 20,000 points and a Silver Star

Level 3

  • Players will utilize a learner centered approach to design and implemented the competencies raised in this mini-course to earn 20,000 points and a Power Up Energy to Teacher Leader Digital Badge

Level 4

  • Players will collaborate and synergize with other educators to deepen their understanding of how to design meaningful gamified learning experiences for students in urban settings to earn a Gold Star and 850.000 points

Level 5 Mission Completed

  • Players will share ideas and collaborate to solve problems gamifying their curriculum to earn a 1 Million points and a Completion Certificate & Teacher Leader Ribbon


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