Manipulatives to assist in scaffolding curriculum


Overview and Purpose

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This course is an introduction to how to implement manipulatives into your everyday instruction to scaffold curriculum to reach all students abilities. The course is open to anyone, with educators in an elementary setting in mind. Manipulatives are great to use in all age groups, but this course will be geared more toward implementing them in elementary school classrooms. The skills learned in the course absolutely can be transferred to the upper grades as well. The course is set up into two units. The first unit is an introduction of manipulatives and the second unit is practice with incorporating manipulatives. The course is self-paced. The course is flexible in the sense that if you already have a solid understanding of manipulatives and just need/want to practice incorporating them into everyday instruction, then the second unit may be the only unit you work through.

As a fellow educator, I know the amount of time we have that is not taken up by planning, organizing, and our personal lives is limited. I have made this course flexible and manageable in the sense that it does not have to be strictly step by step. I want every educator to take away at least one helpful aspect they can take to their classrooms and hopefully share with a fellow educator.

Needs Assessment

Manipulatives are a tool that is not used as often as it should be in classrooms. If manipulatives are used they are not always used in a way to enhance the learning that is occurring. It important for educators to learn about different types of manipulatives that can be used to vary instruction and to help students of all abilities learn. Manipulatives need to be carefully chosen to ensure they positively impact learning. Manipulatives are supports for a classroom and are a tool that takes careful consideration. This mini-course addresses these key factors and helps educators move toward using manipulatives to scaffold instruction positively.

Performance Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, learners will be able to:

♥ Recall appropriate manipulates for Math and English instruction
♥ State the characteristics of a good manipulative
♥ Execute everyday instruction with seamless integration of manipulatives
♥ Implement content appropriate manipulatives in teaching each subject area
♥ Defend choice of whether or not to use manipulatives in a lesson
♥ Develop instruction with manipulatives to reach all students abilities

Course Units

This mini-course includes the following units. Click the title of a unit to go to its page.

Unit 1:Everything about Manipulatives

The purpose of using manipulatives in classroom instruction

Learning outcomes:
♦ The learner will be able to describe what classifies as a good manipulative.
♦ The learner will be able to judge whether the lesson would be enhanced with manipulatives.
♦ The learner will be able to list manipulatives that are appropriate for Math and English.

Unit 2: Instruction with Manipulatives

How to effectively create instruction with integration of manipulatives

♦ The learner will be able to differentiate between which manipulatives are needed for the content being taught.
♦ The learner will be able to implement manipulatives into everyday instruction.
♦ The learner will be able to design instruction with manipulatives to reach all students ability levels.


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