Integrating Dance Concepts and Interdisciplinary Practices


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This mini-course serves as a planning guide and resource for K-12 educators searching for creative interdisciplinary lessons between their subject area and dance. As participants proceed through the following units, they will gain an appreciation for dance and its potential, as well as practical applications for their classrooms. By the end of this mini-course, they will design a discipline-specific unit that integrates dance made for their needs.

Target Participants

  • Are you a prospective/current K-12 educator?
  • Are you in charge of at least some curriculum design in your content area?
  • Are you looking for some creative interdisciplinary ideas?

If so, this course will be great for you!

It would help if you have some practice unit or lesson planning, as well as an expertise in your content area. However, no dance experience is required. Just an open mind towards creative curriculum integration.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to...

  • Advocate for the position and value of dance in various K-12 settings
  • Integrate key dance concepts into any non-dance curriculum using the UbD framework
  • Engage in meaningful interdisciplinary planning with dance educators

Navigation Tips

There are a few ways to navigate through this course.

  1. Use the course outline below (all unit overviews and lessons are linked)
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Course Outline

Unit 1: Call to Action

Participants will identify three to four general goals for their dance-related interdisciplinary unit

Unit 2: Laying the Foundation

Participants will define learning outcomes for interdisciplinary unit supported by national dance standards and concepts

Unit 3: Discipline-Specific Applications

Participants will explore practical applications and example lessons of dance integrated into specific content areas

Unit 4: Designing an Interdisciplinary Unit

Participants will design effective assessments and learning activities aligned to interdisciplinary performance objectives

Unit 5: Final Message


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