Increasing Parental Involvement and Student Achievement


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Welcome to Increasing Parental Involvement and Student Achievement!

Do you as a teacher, coach, or administrator struggle to make connections with parents of your students, or gain support from them? Do you have some parents that you never hear from, or worse, just won't leave you alone? If so, there is good news. This is something that we as education professionals can control and change! This course will show you how.

This course will take you through the steps you need in order to get parents on your side, and to get them involved.

Overview and Purpose

The intent of this course is to assist educators (and coaches and administrators) of K-12 students in recognizing parents of students that do not or are not very likely to participate in their child's education or school activities. This course aims to help educators find ways to increase parental involvement and ultimately educate parents on the value of education.

Patterns are exposed as well as reasons why a parent might display certain behavior. The course is set up in 4 Units. The first three units use methods such as videos, graphics, reflection, journaling, peer collaboration, and note taking to achieve the objectives. The final Unit is a case study that gives the learner a chance to use what they know in a real-life scenario.

Needs Assessment

After drawing on my own experiences and needs and the needs of those teachers in the district I work in, I have concluded that all educators would be interested or at least benefit from learning about some of the reasons why parents become uninvolved in their children's education. Teachers are caring people and they care and worry about their students. Most teachers that were surveyed indicated they would like to learn how to increase parental involvement so they can get more support from the parents at home and so that they can work together with the parents to help more children be successful. I hope that you are one of those teachers because you will enjoy and benefit from this course!

Performance Objectives

The overarching objective of this course is to help educators become better at communicating and involving parents in their child's education. Below are some of the other, more specific objectives sorted by Unit that help achieve this objective.

Unit 1: Parenting Styles You May Encounter

Objective: Participants will demonstrate their ability to distinguish between parenting styles.

Unit 2: Why Are Parents Not Involved?


  • Recall the parenting types from Unit 1 and use them to classify parents in Unit 2.
  • Explain the various reasons a parent would have decreased involvement in education of their child.
  • Analyze the level of involvement of the parents discussed below to determine if intervention methods are necessary.

Unit 3: Methods to Get Parents Involved


  • Given reasons for not being involved, a learner will be able to come up with at least one way to increase a parent's level of involvement
  • Participants can draw upon memories they have with positive teachers from school to help them remember the method to help parents in the future
  • Participants analyze the information to come up with ideas on how to appreciate parents

Unit 4: Case Study

Objective: Participants will analyze a case study example of a parent and come up with the best methods to use to engage the parent