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Basic Concept of Literature Circles


Welcome to the lessons of learning how to incorporate Literary Circles with Integrated Technology in English (or any) Classrooms!

This course will provide an introduction to literary circles and their benefits, and how incorporating technology can enhance your English classrooms.

  • What is a literature circle?
  • How do literary circles impact reading comprehension, English classrooms and the promotion of active reading?
  • What can instructors do to intergrate literature circles and technology advancements into their classrooms?
  • How can technology be incorporated in developing growth in reading and understanding?

The goal of this course is to learn the influence and knowledge that is found through constant reading. With learning to love literature and grow from the never ending knowledge produced from constant dedication to reading, there are no longer obstacles for gaining more knowledge. The ultimate strategy to learn in this online unit is sharing that want to read by making reading fun again, and foster connections to the changing society we live in. One hopes to learn how to integrate a literature circle into the curriculum, connect the literature circle with changing technology and encourage students to continue their quest of knowledge through reading

Notes About This Course

This course is organized into two units which each contain two lessons. You can find the unit and lesson objectives below. In working towards meeting each of these objectives, you will:

  • read various selections
  • watch videos
  • take notes
  • discuss pertinent ideas with your classmates
  • reflect on your learning and the learning of your classmates

To get the most out of this course you must:

  • Read and view all required materials.
  • Actively engage in discussion and reflection.

Little Note:

  • Inspire your own creativity!
  • The last lesson of the course, experiment with your own reading comprehension.

~Review a Movie and a Book, and then put that Review in the Discussion with your classmates!
~Or Create a Webpage on this site discussing which is better, the film or the book!

Unit 1: What is a literature circle and how does it affect English and English classrooms?

Unit 1 Objective:

Learners will explore what a literature circle is. Also, learners will investigate how

Exploring Literary Circles: Lesson 1

Lesson Objective: Learning about Literacy Circles

In this lesson you will: Have an introduction of what a literacy circle is. Understand what is positive about literary circles and what they can do to help your classroom and improve reading skills for all students.

Literature Circles and their affect on Reading Comprehension and English Skills: Lesson 2

Lesson 2 Objective:

Learners will investigate results of using literature circles in classrooms. Learners will see how the results impact the students that partake in literature circles.

Unit 2:The How-To of Literature Circles and Technology

Unit 2 Objective:

Learners will be able to set up their classrooms to promote continuous reading through the process of literature circles. Also, learners will get an insight as to how technology aids in the drive to want to continue to read and learn from books.

Setting up Literature Circles to work for you, and your students: Lesson 3

Lesson 3 Objective:

Learners will learn how to organize their curriculum to incorporate literary circles in a way that works for them and their students

Technology promoting Literature Circles and the impact they make on students drive to read: Lesson 4

Lesson 4 Objective:

Learners will incorporate technology in their literary circles to help connect learning to the rapidly advancing technological society that the students live in and are invested in.