Literature Circles and their affect on Reading Comprehension and English Skills: Lesson 2


Various Learning Styles

The various results of Literature Circles (success or bust?)

"Does it work?" - This is the question that many teachers ask when starting a curriculum they have never taught before.

The ultimate goal as an educator is to see that our students are learning something and advancing their skills that will help them in society outside of school. Reading is a skill that they are going to need their entire life. They are going to need to read road signs, e-mails, contracts, headlines, websites, the list goes on. How do you develop a skill and get better? That's easy - "Practice makes Perfect!"

Literature Circles offer a way for students to practice their skills of understanding, reading fluency and vocabulary skills. So, as a result there can only be positive improvement!

The following Lesson shows to you those results. Providing you the teacher/learner a guarantee that the curriculum that you are choosing to embark on with your students will work, and promote your students understanding of the written word. Each teacher/learner is different and teaches in different ways, but this curriculum will only be positive for your students.


1. Read about the results of Literature Circles.
2. Learn how to achieve similar Results in your classroom Literature Curriculum.
3. Gain confidence about the concept of a Literature Circle.

What to do for Lesson 2


Complete the following KWL chart attached for your own notes. Write down what you think you know of some results (if any) when it comes to literary circles (under the "K" section of the chart). Then write down what you want to know (under the "W" section of the chart). Then once you have completed this lesson write down what you have learned (under the "L" section of the chart). Also write down where you found the information that you learned for your future references (under the other "W" section of the chart).

File:KWL Chart for LC.pdf


Visit the following websites for information on Journal articles and other results of using Literature Circles in the Classroom.


Discuss what you have learned with fellow classmates. Ask any questions that you may have about what you read and what you saw. Complete the KWL Chart for your notes.


  • Where these the results you were expecting?
  • How can you determine if these will be the same results you get when implementing literature circles?

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