Exploring Literary Circles: Lesson 1


Books on Books

Introduction: Literary Circles...Why more Reading?

Literature circles offers the reader (and in this case, the students) choice on how they read, what they read, and individualizing their own comprehension skills.
Literature circles give the students the power of self-learning and improving their English skills.
Some may ask; "Why not just let the student's read whatever book they want on their own?" or "Just do book reports, they have worked perfectly in the past!" My response to that is, are these different options really working? Are we as educators seeing an increase in drive to read? Then, once we get the student to read are they showing comprehension skills that really work for them?
By the end of this lesson, I hope to introduce to you the benefits of taking the time to allow students to connect with what they are reading. This is an avenue that allows students to be in control of their own reading speed, understanding and interest without the pressure of impressing other students and classmates with their skills or lack of.

Lesson 1: Goals

1. Define what a literary circle is.
2. Set up your lessons around the literary circle concept
3. Gain your students interest in literary circles

What to do for Lesson 1


Complete the following KWL chart attached for your own notes. Write down what you think you know when it comes to literary circles (under the "K" section of the chart). Then write down what you want to know (under the "W" section of the chart). Then once you have completed this lesson write down what you have learned (under the "L" section of the chart).

File:KWL Chart for LC.pdf


Read the following journals and watch the videos to gather and insight on what a Literature Circle is. Also gathering information on what we hope to accomplish by using them in our classrooms.

Understanding Literature Circles
File:Teaching Content and Skills through Integrated Literacy Circles.pdf
File:Basic Overview of Literature Circles.pdf


Discuss what you have learned with fellow classmates. Ask any questions that you may have about what you read and what you saw. Complete the KWL Chart for your notes.

Next Lesson

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