Technology promoting Literature Circles and the impact they make on students drive to read: Lesson 4


Books on Books

Technological Reading

Grammar and basic English etiquette seem to be diminishing with each new wave of technological development. Instead of stating that technology is hurting the written word, we should look for ways to have technology support the advancement of English and reading.

This final lesson connects reading comprehension and technology. Allow yourself to learn the different ways technology can advance learning for the students. Challenge yourself to find way to connect literature circles to technology. There are examples of ways to connect literature to technology, but it is now your turn to try.

A Creative Test Run!

At the end of the lesson, I want you to go read a book. Just a small short read. You can start with a Dr. Seuss book like The Lorax or The Cat and the Hat or even Horton Hears a Who.

(-If you want to get really advanced right from the beginning, read The Hunger Games or Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone.)

After you have finished reading the book, watch the movie.

Then compare the two (Movie vs. Book):

  • Which did you like better?
  • What are the pros/cons of both?
  • Which would you recommend to your students or friends?

This is a easy and great way to connect technology to the literature circle curriculum within your classroom. This challenges the learner to change their views of films based on their understanding of the original literature it is based on. It makes the adventures found in the text more inviting because it is a story and visual you (the reader/learner) create for yourself.


1.Understand the impact that technology can make on reading comprehension and literature circles
2.Be able to incorporate that positive influence of technology into Literature Circles

What to do in Lesson 4

Before you Begin

Complete the following KWL chart attached for your own notes. Write down what you think you know when it comes to literary circles and integrated technology (under the "K" section of the chart). Then write down what you want to know (under the "W" section of the chart). Then once you have completed this lesson write down what you have learned (under the "L" section of the chart) and where you found that information in your search for your own future understanding and reference (The last "W" section).

File:KWL Chart for LC.pdf


Read the following journals, visit the websites, and watch the videos. Discover what the influence of technology is on literature and how it can positively assist the curriculum development.

Literature Circle Website
-A website I create to promote the concept that Technology Reading can work Cohesively.
File:Literacy and Technology Integrated.pdf
-A journal article Integrated Technology
Digital Literature Circle Video
-Detailed video of Literature Circles
File:Apps for Literature Circles.pdf or use this link -
-This offers links to apps and programs that can help boost your Literary Circles Curriculum
-Ways to incorporate Common Core, Technology and Literacy Circles all in one.


Discuss what you have learned with fellow classmates. Ask any questions that you may have about what you read and what you saw. Complete the KWL Chart for your notes.

What do you think about the incorporation of technology?
Are there any other ways that you can use technology, or think it would be helpful to understanding literature and increase reading skills in students?

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