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Hello, My name is Davida Paniccia. Welcome to my user page!



My name is Davida Paniccia (DA-VEE-TA) (PAN-A-SEA-A). I am a 23 year old who currently works three jobs and also goes to grad school and I am looking for that elusive teaching position that seems to be evading many these days. I am a certified English teacher for the Secondary or Adolescent level (high-school English teacher). I graduated with my Bachelors, cum laude, in 2013 from SUNY Oswego where I spent many a cold winter and beautiful summer on Lake Ontario. I have been a part of the SUNY Albany CDIT program for a year now and I am excited to be continuing with this program this fall.

A little mini explanation about my name since it so unique. I am very Italian and so is my father and my mother. My mom refused to name myself and my brother "common" names because it would remind her of kids she encountered in school (she is a teacher). So we are blessed with awesome Italian names Davida (for me) and Nico (my brothers name).It is really beneficial being the only Davida I have ever met, no one calls my name in a crowded place unless they are looking for me! But when it comes to meeting new people its hard to explain because it is so different. Although it is definitely a conversation starter!