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ETAP 623 Fall 09 Class Members

Please add your name below and link your name to your personal user page. To encourage peer review and feedback, and specifically to prepare for our "developmental try-out," we'll create groups based on the content you're addressing and pedagogical/technological designs you're using.

Jianwei Zhang Instructor, ETAP assistant professor.

Language learning group

Ben Blanchard CDIT Graduate student - Data-Driven Language Learning Using Corpora and Concordancing (Jianwei commented on your unit 1, 11/22) _ (Sapphire commented via email 11/26) (Kurt commented 11/28)

Barbara Recchio-Demmin: CDIT Graduate Student- Using VoiceThread as a Tool for Language Learning (Sapphire commented on your discussion page 11/27, 12/5)(Kurt commented 11/28) (Ben commented 11/28)

Chris Sunderlin: CDIT Graduate Student (Jianwei commented on your portfolio, 10/19) (Sapphire commented on your discussion page 11/27)(Kurt commented 11/28) (Ben commented, 11/29)

Kurt Hassenpflug: CDIT Graduate Student Integrating Sequential Art into an English Language Arts Curriculum (Jianwei commented on your course, 11/24) (Sapphire commented on your course, 11/27) (Ben commented 11/28) (Sapphire commented on your course, 11/30)

Sapphire Gimenez : ETAP Graduate Student. Please see ETAP_623_wiki_Design_Project_Overview_Old_and_New.pdf(file)

Disregard all others that follow namely, Jubilee Montessori Instructional System Design ETAP_623_Design_Project_of_Jubilee_Montessori_Language_Program_Week_13.pdf (file) (comments in emails)(Kurt commented on file extension 11/28)

Online learning group

Katherine Watson MS/CDIT Graduate Student -- Multimedia in Online Courses (Jianwei commented on your unit 1, 11/24 )

Matt Pagano: CDIT Graduate Student -- Collaborative Learning with Technology (Jianwei commented on your unit 1, 11/22)(Katherine commented on your unit 1, 11/28)

Special needs group

Elise Weiss PhD Student Understanding Learning Disabilities and the Learning Disabled Student(Jianwei commented on your course, 11/20, Kelly Commented as well)

Kelly Geddes CDIT Graduate Student Concept Mapping Across the Curriculum (Jianwei commented on your unit 1, 11/20 and Elise commented on your main page of course)

Sandy Feocco : CDIT Graduate Student Movement in learning (Jianwei commented on your unit 1, 11/22 and Elise commented - check your main page of your course, Kelly commented - check your Unit page)

Jeffrey Bordeman : CDIT Graduate Student Students with ASD: Developing Socialization and Self-Management Skills (Jianwei commented on your unit 1, 11/22 and Elise commented - check your main page of your course, Kelly commented - check your Unit page)

Science and math group

Scott Beiter MSCDIT Graduate Student - Teaching for Conceptual Change (Jianwei commented on your UNIT 1, 11/20)

Kasey Van kleeck: CDIT Graduate Student and 4th grade Teacher Get wise about WISE(Jianwei commented on your course (front/intro page), 11/24)

Daniel P. Mahoney : ETAP Graduate Student - Communication in Math Classrooms (Scott Beiter commented on your course - intopage), 12/7)

Tara Quinn: PhD Student, Curriculum & Instruction

Student engagement and interaction group

Scott Graham : CDIT Graduate Student THE HISTORICAL PUZZLE OF THE ARAB-ISRAELI CONFLICT(Jianwei commented on your lessons, 11/24, Mary Beth commented 11/30)

Roger Wistar: CDIT Graduate Student (Jianwei commented on your unit 1, 11/27, Mary Beth commented 11/30)

Jessica Mascle ETAP Graduate Student ("Designing Effective Learning Targets for US History and Government") (Jianwei commented on your ICM, 10/27)

Michael Fortune: CDIT Graduate Student - Jazz in the General Music Classroom (Jianwei commented on your unit 1, 11/22)

Mary Beth Rock MSCDIT Graduate Student - Assess for Success (Jianwei commented on your course, 11/30)

Special topics

Jane Wilde: PhD Student, Curriculum and Instruction - focus Instructional Technology

Analyzing a Classroom Episode from a Grade 4 Knowledge Building Project


ETAP 623 Fall 2009 Design Project Agenda

Evaluation criteria

Evaluation criteria

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