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I am an army brat. I went to Vilseck American High School in Germany which afforded me many unique experiences. From there I attended Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY and received a BA in Biology (c/o 1998). A few years later I entered the BCT Masters Program at SUNY Albany and graduated a year and half later. Now, I'm back in grad school again in the CDIT program. I'm a little over half way through the program.


I'm in my 8th year teaching 8th grade science at Rensselaer Middle School. I've also been the district technology committee chair for the last 4 years. Recently I returned from my yearly Voyage of Discovery on the Replica Ship Halfmoon.

Programs I Have Worked On

  • Implementation of Castle Learning Online
  • Construction of District Technology Plan
    • Revision this year.
  • Design of New District Building
  • Middle School Committee
    • We examined MS grading policies.
  • Facilities Planning Committee
    • How to best use Capital Project funds.


I have a lovely wife and two lovely daughters. My oldest daughter just started kindergarten this fall. I'm in a punk/thrash band and have been practicing Kung Fu for over 10 years.

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