Katherine Watson


ETAP 623 Design Project

Katherine Watson's Portfolio Page: A page to work through the process of developing the design project.

Multimedia in Online Courses: My design project, a best practices workshop for post-secondary faculty interested in integrating multimedia in online courses.


ETAP 623 Fall 2009 is my last requirement for the ETAP CDIT MS program.


As a multimedia developer and instructional technologist at Empire State College, Center for Learning and Technology, since 2000, I work with a very supportive and innovative team of other multimedia developers and instructional technologists. This course will help me plan projects with faculty and course developers at the college.


I live in Saratoga Springs with my husband (who works for NYSUT), two kids and two dogs. One of our favorite things to do is remote camping in the Adirondacks.


Katherine Watson's Portfolio Page -- a development area for the project: Multimedia in Online Courses.

ETAP 623 Fall 2009

ETAP 623 Fall 2009 Design Project Agenda