Communication in Math Classrooms



If you think about a math classroom you normally think about numbers, formulas and finding the solution to a problem. For a select few students this is all that is needed to succeed in a math classroom however for the rest of the students there is more that is needed. We need help to stimulate thinking or alternative ways of discovering the insight of mathematics. The use of different communication skills during a math classroom will help to stimulate students minds along with helping to increase students ability to recall the information.

Course Discription

This course is intended for those who are or will be teaching in a mathematics classroom. This course is broken up into three different lessons. The first is discovering reading in a math classroom. From that you will learn about the importance of writing skills in a math classroom. Finally end with types of discussion that can occur in a math classroom.

Course Objectives

When this mini-course is done you will be able to use three types of communication skills in your math classroom so that students are more engaging and are able to retain information better.


Unit 1: Reading in Math Class

Performance Objectives

  • You will know reasons why to give readings in your math class.
  • You will know the importance of using textbooks as well as other literature in a math class.

Unit 2: Writing in Math Class

Performance Objectives

  • At the end you will know why it is important to give writing assignments in a math class.
  • You will know different types of writing assignments.

Unit 3: Discussions in Math Class

Performance Objectives

  • You will know the importance of having discussion in your math class.
  • You will know the different between smaller and larger groups.
  • You will know teacher's responsibility in discussion.

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