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This course is designed to increase teacher comfort with developing and including a student driven community service project within the classroom. Many teachers identify that community service is a valuable part of education, and that student driven projects would be more meaningful. However, most teachers do not include this type of project in their classroom. This is often because teachers do not know how to implement such a project. This course will provide teachers with knowledge of the steps involved in a student driven community service project and will also provide resources for teachers to adopt or adapt for their own use.


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Learning Journal: You will be keeping your notes, answers, and reflections in your Learning Journal. You can keep your Learning Journal in a paper notebook or in a Word document. When you see the journal icon, you will know to make an entry in your Learning Journal.

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Implementation Plan: You will finish this course with a individual Implementation Plan for including student driven community service in your own classroom. You will be adding to this plan throughout the course. When you see the puzzle piece icon, you will know that you are going to add to your Implementation Plan. Click the link to download the Implementation Plan Worksheet. Please download the file to your computer or rename it in Google Drive.

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Discussion: As a part of several activities, you will be asked to add your answers, thoughts, or opinions to the Discussion page of the wiki. You will also be asked to comment on the responses of other students. When you see the speech bubble icon, you will know that you are going to be participating in a discussion activity.

Supportive Prerequisite

While it is not required, a positive attitude toward student driven community service can help the learner acquire the skills and knowledge needed to implement such a project in his or her own classroom. Many participants in this course already have a positive attitude toward these projects, and can identify potential benefits for the students. However, if you would like more information about how student driven community service projects are beneficial for students, please read these articles before beginning the course:

Integrating Youth Voice in Service Learning

What Does the Research Say about Service Learning?

Course Objectives

After the successful completion of this course:

  • Learners will choose to include student driven community service projects, as evidenced by incorporating them in their own classrooms.
  • Learners will classify projects as examples or non-examples of student driven community service projects using a self-generated list of criteria by labeling them.
  • Learners will state in typed writing how student driven community service projects fit in to the Common Core Standards by citing specific standard connections.
  • In their own classrooms, learners will demonstrate knowledge of a model for student driven civic engagement by incorporating it in to the classroom.

Unit 1: Defining Student Driven Community Service

Unit 2: Comparing Models of Student Driven Community Service

Unit 3: Incorporating Student Driven Community Service

Unit 4: Student Driven Community Service and the Common Core Standards

Unit 5: Generating a Plan

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