Interactive Science Notebooks in the Secondary Classroom

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Welcome to my online professional development course,Interactive Science Notebooks in the Secondary Classroom! This course seeks to help secondary science teachers understand what Interactive Science Notebooks (ISNs) are, how they are set up and how they can be beneficial to student learning. This course is about trying something new to help your students become engaged and begin to think critically and make important connections instead of memorizing facts or steps. In this unit you will learn the way your students will when using ISNs, by doing it yourself. You will find examples and create your own ISN. If you are skeptical at first that is alright. Though your own experiments with the ISN any misconceptions you had about ISNs will change. If you can do that by using an ISN, imagine what your students can do!By the end of this course you should be able to answer this question: How can secondary education science teachers use Interactive Science Notebooks in their classrooms to benefit student learning?


This course consists of 3 units. Each builds on the last. Each will have participants view different media and discuss what they have learned or their ideas based on what they read or saw. Participants will be posting in a discussion board on ISNs in the Secondary Classroom Discussion Page. Assessment vary though out the course. Unit 1 has a pre and post assessment along with discussion participation. Unit 2 has participants create an ISN with 5 examples and has them reflect on the examples they looked at online and answer questions in the discussion page and comment on others post. Unit 3 has participants write a 300-500 word response based on their experience and the materials read.

Mini-Course Units

Unit 1: What are Interactive Science Notebooks?

This unit will provide background information on ISNs and brief overview how they are set up.

At the end of this unit, participants will be able to define what an ISN is in their own terms, explain the basic set up and general usage in a classroom lesson.

Unit 2: How do you make an Interactive Science Notebook?

This unit will allow participants to gain a deeper understanding of how a ISN is set up.

At the end of this unit, participants will create their own ISN and evaluate them. They will take pictures or scans and upload them to share current and future participants to see.

Unit 3: Why are Interactive Science Notebooks beneficial?

This unit will provide participants with research findings from using ISNs in the classroom.

At the end of this unit, participants will be able to explain the benefits of using ISNs in their classroom based on the research.


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