Unit 2: How do you make an Interactive Science Notebook?

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By the end of this unit you will create your own ISN, given information about their use in the classroom and how they are set up, using at least 5 examples that are related to a chosen science content area to create you ISN.


Now that we have a general understanding of what an Interactive Science Notebook is, lets dig deeper into how to set one up. We will do so by viewing examples of ISNs and other resources.

File:Input and Output of ISNs.pdf

File:ISN Rubric and Table of Content.pdf

http://www.thesciencepenguin.com/ This is a great blog with lots of pictures of examples of pages of ISNs. It also has a link to the author's Teachers pay Teachers page. This is a great site to get ideas for what examples you might use in your own ISN described in the task section.

http://sciencespot.net/Pages/ISNinfo.html A good site for ISN resources and foldables.

http://www.teachtci.com/webinars.html On this site, scroll down to the On Demand Webinars section and under the Teaching Strategies category find the "Getting Started with the Interactive Student Notebook" webinar. You have the choice of either watching the webinar or reading the PDF file. You have the option of both of course. The webinar under it,"Managing and Evaluating the Interactive Student Notebook" is optional. To help make sure you can locate it here is a screen grab of what you are looking for:

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Take a spiral or composition notebook and create a ISN that contains the key parts: a Table of contents, a rubric, and 5 examples of activities you would have your students do for one or more unit topic. The activities must each have a left and a right side component to them and they must be completed as a student would be expected to. Take pictures of your pages and make a word document with a collection of them or scan your pages into a PDF and post it on the ISN Mini Course Unit 2 Task Page


Go to ISNs in the Secondary Classroom Discussion Page

1. Evaluate the samples you saw. Explain or upload a picture of one you liked and explain why. And then another that you didn't and why.

2. Go to the discussion page and reflect on what you have made by answering the following questions: What was the most challenging part of making your ISN and why? What was the easiest part of making your ISN and why? Does your ISN represent the definition of an ISN that you made in the post assessment of unit 1? If not, what is different? Would you change your definition or change your ISN?

3. Reply to at least 3 other participants posts.


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