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My name is Victoria Mitchell. I’m currently in my second year of being an Earth Science teacher at Green Tech High (Sep 2013-present). I graduated SUNY New Paltz in May 2013 with a BS in Adolescence Education 7-12: Earth Science. I was a lifeguard for 10 years throughout high school and college and still love swimming. I’m 26 and I live in Albany, NY. I am currently enrolled in Systematic Design of Instruction for the Fall 2014 semester.


I chose the topic of Interactive Science Notebooks in the Secondary Classroom because I actually didn't know much about them. I had just been exposed to them in the last year and wanted to know why they seemed to be gaining more interest from other teachers. I didn't want my experience of figuring it all out to go to waste. I want to provide a place where teachers could explore the information I found and add to it as they experience using ISN themselves.

Needs Assessment

Instructional problem

How can secondary education science teachers use Interactive Science Notebooks in their classrooms to benefit student learning?

The nature of what is to be learned

This course will provide science educators with an understanding of what Interactive Science Notebooks are and how they will provide an increase in student understanding. Educators will also learn how to modify the ISN to their teaching styles and content area.

Learner profile

The participants that will utilize this course will be science teachers in grades 7 to 12. Their teaching experience will range from one year or less to 15 years or more. The learners are assumed to have a degree in Adolescence Education with a content area of one or more of the following: Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, or Physics.

Instructional Content

Participants will be expected to participate by reading and viewing different media that provide examples and explanations of Interactive Science Notebooks. They will also be required to make an ISN of their own and take pictures and post them in a discussion area.

Performance Objectives

Participants Will Be Able To:

-Create their own definition of an ISN, given information on ISNs, that is clear and detailed enough that someone else can understand it.

-Create their own ISN, given information about their use in the classroom and set up, using at least 5 examples that are related to a chosen science content area.

-Explain the benefits of ISN, using research about their use in the classroom, in a 300-500 word response

Task Analysis

Course Purpose

The purpose of this mini course is to examine Interactive Science Notebooks. More specifically, we will look at the set up and implementation of them in the classroom. This information will be geared to high school level science classes.

Unit Goals

Unit 1: What are Interactive Science Notebooks?

This unit will provide background information on ISNs and brief overview how they are set up.

At the end of this unit, participants will be able to define what an ISN is in their own terms, explain the basic set up and general usage in a classroom lesson.

Unit 2: How do you make an Interactive Science Notebook?

This unit will allow participants to gain a deeper understanding of how a ISN is set up.

At the end of this unit, participants will create their own ISN and evaluate them. They will take pictures or scans and upload them to share current and future participants to see.

Unit 3: Why are Interactive Science Notebooks beneficial?

This unit will provide participants with research findings from using ISNs in the classroom.

At the end of this unit, participants will be able to explain the benefits of using ISNs in their classroom based on the research.

Prerequisite Skills

Essential Prerequisites: A general knowledge of a science content area (Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry or Physics) A general knowledge of students' interests and abilities At least some classroom teaching experience Some knowledge of differentiation and learning styles

Supportive Prerequisites: Want to make lessons more engaging and interactive Have an interest in trying a new instructional style Are intrinsically-motivated to complete an online course

Curriculum Map

File:VAM ISN Curriculum Map.pdf


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