Unit 1 Lessons and Task


Check.gifGetting Started with Video 1 - Word Interface

  • WHAT'S NEW: Microsoft Office Button
  • WHAT'S NOT NEW: Title Bar; Maximize, Minimize, and Close Buttons

The following link to a Word 2007 introductory video will get you started. In it, you will review several familiar features at the top of the interface and be introduced to the new Office Button. After viewing the video, click the left arrow on your navigation bar to return to this lesson.

WATCH: Video 1 - Word Interface 1


Check.gifContinue with Video 2

  • WHAT'S NEW: The Ribbon

In this video, you will be introduced to the Ribbon, Microsoft's new menuing system that was added in 2007. As you watch the video, you will note that numerous features have been re-located within the Ribbon. You will be working with many of these features in future lessons.

WATCH: Video 2 - Word Interface 2


Check.gifComplete the Interface with Video 3

  • WHAT'S NEW: Quick Access Toolbar; Zoom Controls
  • WHAT'S NOT NEW: Status Bar; Scroll Bars; Document Area; Mouse Pointer; Insertion Point; Moving the Cursor

While many of the features in this video will be familiar to previous Word users, most will be interested to learn about the inclusion of the Quick Access Toolbar and Zoom Controls in 2007. We will work with these handy features in future lessons.

WATCH: Video 3 - Word Interface 3


Check.gifPart 1

It is recommended you familiarize yourself with the Word 2007 interface on your computer prior to working with the exercises in the units that follow. Click the link below to view screen captures of each feature identified in the videos you have watched. NOTE: If the file opens in a separate browser, you may need to click the left arrow on your navigation bar to return to this lesson.

To save a copy the file, right-click on the link and select Save Target As. Indicate your desired location for saving to your computer.

DOWNLOAD: Media: Screen Captures from Videos.pdf

Check.gifPart 2

Save a copy of the following printout of the opening 2007 Word screen by right-clicking on the link below and selecting Save Target As. Indicate where the file should be saved on your computer.

After printing out the file, test yourself to see if you are able to identify the various parts of the interface. Compare your answers to the identifiers contained in the "Screen Captures from Videos" file downloaded in Part 1.

DOWNLOAD: Media: Word 2007 Opening Screen.pdf

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