Moving to Word 2007



Word 2007 may prove highly confusing to long-time users of previous versions of the popular word processing program. As soon as the program opens, major changes to the once-familiar interface will be observed. The top bar, for instance, has a totally new look, consisting of new features, buttons, and naming conventions.

Many business offices employ multiple versions of Word. Newer computers often have Word 2007 installed, while other computers in the office are still running Word 2003, or even previous versions of the software. This course is intended to bring users of prior versions of Word up to date on the changes that have been included in 2007, enabling them to use various versions with equal facility.

The course is designed to address specific questions submitted by baffled adapters of the updated program in one such business office — my own place of employment. The members of our workforce all are very proficient in prior versions of Word. Lessons, therefore, are not meant to teach word processing but, rather, to help current users to transfer their knowledge of the program in order to continue creating the same type of professional-looking documents they have with prior versions.

Whether you have been faced with the problem of adjusting to Word 2007, or are thinking about making the switch, it is anticipated this mini-course will prove helpful. It will answer questions from real users just like you.



  • Basic familiarity with a computer mouse and the Windows operating system you will be using for the course
  • Strong keyboarding skills
  • Prior experience with MS Word 2003 and/or previous versions of the program, as well as with the Internet


At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • create professional-looking documents in Word 2007 with the same facility as currently exhibited in Word 2003
  • locate tools in Word 2007 previously included in prior versions of Word in a different order
  • adopt new components included in the 2007 version of the word processing program not available previously
  • choose between prior and new methods of carrying out commands where new methods have been introduced

UNIT I: What's New and What's Not? The Interface

UNIT 2: What happened to the File menu?

UNIT 3: Can I still add and format graphics?

UNIT 4: Has the Mail Merge feature changed?

UNIT 5: What if I need more help?