UNIT 4: Has the Mail Merge feature changed?


In Word 2007, the Mail Merge feature is located on the Mailings tab on the Ribbon.

Mailings Tab.jpg

As in prior versions of the program, envelopes and labels continue to be supported. These features are located on the Mailings tab as well.


At the completion of this unit, participants will be able to:

  • create and print an individual envelope with a delivery and return address
  • create a blank page of address labels for typing address label information
  • print a single label
  • create mailing labels and merge the mailing list to the labels
  • set up a document for a mass mailing
  • use the Mail Merge wizard to perform a basic mail merge
  • use the Mailings tab commands to perform a mail merge
  • use Word fields to personalize form letters, e-mail messages, or to number coupons


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