The Flipped Math Classroom


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Welcome to The Flipped Math Classroom mini-course! Do your students get frustrated while doing homework? Do you get frustrated when you assign homework and students cannot complete it because they don’t know how? Perhaps, a flipped classroom approach may be effective for your students. Throughout this course, we will explore what a flipped classroom is, what strategies are used in a flipped math classroom, how some teachers approach flipped math classrooms, and you will try out a flipped classroom approach with your own students.

Check out the introductory video here!

Unit 1

Unit 1 will give you a detailed description of what a flipped classroom is and what techniques/strategies are used by teachers who implement flipped classroom approaches.


  • Learners will read and review the Prezi Presentation
  • Learners will read the articles and watch the videos that are provided.
  • Learners will complete the lesson note taking guide and worksheet.

Bluearrowbullet.gif Unit 1: What is a flipped classroom and what strategies are used in a flipped math classroom?

Unit 2

In Unit 2, you will explore different flipped classroom examples. You will analyze the effectiveness of these classrooms in order to determine what your flipped classroom will be like.


  • Learners will select 2 Flipped math classrooms to analyze.
  • Learners will identify the strengths and weaknesses of each Flipped Math classroom.
  • Learners will decide which Flipped classroom techniques they think will be most effective for their environment.

Bluearrowbullet.gif Unit 2: What are the strengths and weaknesses of a flipped classroom approach?

Unit 3

In Unit 3, you will implement flipped classroom techniques into your own classroom. After implementing these techniques, you will analyze the effectiveness of the strategies on student learning, engagement, motivation, and growth.


  • Learners will implement 3 strategies of Flipped classrooms into their own classroom.
  • Learners will analyze their student’s cognitive, affective, and psychomotor skills before and after implementing a Flipped classroom approach.

Bluearrowbullet.gif Unit 3: How effective is a flipped classroom approach for your students?


In order to assess your knowledge gained while completing this mini-course, you will design a concept map that outlines your future flipped classroom approach.


  • Learners will outline the structure of the class
  • Learners will include the responsibilities of the teacher and the students.

Bluearrowbullet.gif Assessment: Concept map