Sarah Witte: Incorporating Metacognition into a Lesson Plan

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Welcome to "Incorporating Metacognition into a Lesson Plan"

Course Overview

The purpose of this mini-course is to learn how to incorporate metacognition into a lesson.


- The learner will be current teachers who have prepared lesson plans that have been used at least once in the field.

- The reasoning behind this is the learner is to reflect upon the benefits of adding metacognitive activities after a test group was performed compared to before the activities.

Course Level Objectives Learners will be able to:

  • Explain the purpose and logic of metacognition
  • Describe techniques for incorporating metacognition
  • Review examples of the use of metacognition
  • Create metacognitive activities and add to an already existing lesson plan of the learner

Materials Needed:

Additional Information

The interactive portions of this min-course will take place on

   How to get to the class on Edmodo:
    * Go to the website
    * Choose "I'm a Student"
    * Create a profile/register, it’s free
    * Go to the class dxaimq
    * There is a "Help Discussion" group on the top left of the course, if you have any questions"


Unit 1 - The purpose and reasoning of metacognition: Lessons 1 and 2

Unit 2 - Identify metacognition in your lesson plan: Lesson 3

Unit 3 - Incorporating metacognition into your lesson plan: Lessons 4-7

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