QR Codes as Media Tools in the Classroom


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Technology has become a part of our every day lives. As we navigate through our busy schedules we have become reliant on technological advances to help us be more effective and efficient. This 21st century mentality of technological aids has permeated all levels of our educational system. We are now able to access more information and educational tools than ever before. In order for our students to reap the benefits of this new world, teachers must be ready to engage students with current and innovative technological projects.

This mini course will guide you through how technology is being utilized in the classroom. We will discuss the pros and cons associated with technology, as well as, how teachers currently integrate this medium into their classrooms. Participants will have a chance in the first unit to review the research and their own personal opinions on technology, its engaging qualities, the students they serve, and how we are connected to our global economy.

Unit 1 will give us the background, but Units 2 and 3 will have us delving into the world of Quick Response codes. Quick Response codes are one form of technology which can be utilized in many creative ways in the classroom. These units will help us answer the questions: what is a QR code, how do you make it, and how can you use it? The most important piece of this course is to engage participants in an idea sharing community. As educators, we have to arm ourselves with all the tools we can to help make learning a fun experience for everyone involved. The hope is you will end this course not only armed and ready to unleash new educational projects in your classrooms, but that you will also build a cohort of professional colleagues to help guide you in the process. Remember the best teachers are those who understand the value of being permanent students!

Happy Creating and Connecting!

Unit One: Why do we use technology in the classroom?

Unit Two: How to create a Quick Response Code

Unit Three: Utilizing Quick Response Codes in the Classroom

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