Unit Three: Utilizing Quick Response Codes in the Classroom


Learning Objective

The participant will merge their understanding of pedagogy, technology and QR codes to create an engaging lesson plan for their students. They will be able to asses lesson plans which utilize QR codes through a critical lens.

Unit Overview and Expectations

This final unit will incorporate all the activities and research done in the previous two units to help you build a lesson plan that utilizes QR codes in a creative and effective manner. Technology is a tool that many teachers take for granted or are unable to use in a meaningful way. Although, there are barriers and limitations which can impede a teacher from using technology, the first step is attaching these aides to the lesson in a way where the student will benefit. These lesson plans should not be created with the intention to just use a QR code. Instead, you should be looking at how this tool can enhance your lesson. If you are motivated and excited about the lesson the students will be as well. Keep in mind as you develop your lesson that your students may not have prior knowledge on how to use this tool. It is important you think about your process and how you developed an understanding of QR codes. Give your students the same attention and walk them through the process so they will be successful.

Overall, in this last unit you should concentrate on creating your lesson plan in the provided template. Once that is complete check which small group you have been assigned to in the course excel sheet. Once you know which group you are in upload your lesson plan to the corresponding folder. You will evaluate the lesson plans of all the other participants in your group and provide them with feedback. Once you receive all the feedback you will fill out a peer evaluation form found in your folder. These evaluations will be worth points towards your final grade in the course, so give thoughtful and useful feedback. After all corrections have been completed please submit your final lesson plan in the Lesson Plan Assignment Folder. Please use the rubric to guide your lesson plan construction.

Unit Materials

Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan Small Groups

Unit 3 Rubric

Learning Activities


Crossing the Digital Divide

Engaging Boys with Technology

QR Codes in the Library

Using Qr Codes to increase the pace of learning in your lesson


  • How does technology tie into the objectives of my lesson and my curriculum standards?
  • How can I make this QR code process meaningful for my students?
  • What am I putting in place to assess the success of my students with this lesson?
  • How did I incorporate my knowledge of pedagogy, technology and QR codes in to the lesson?


  • Create a lesson plan using QR codes.
  • Evaluate and give feedback to participants in your small groups.
  • Use feedback to amend your final lesson plan submission.
  • Evaluate your peers participation in the feedback process.


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