Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom


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Welcome to Multiple Intelligences in the classroom! This mini course was written as part of the Spring 2018 ETAP 623 course. Throughout your teacher training classes, you were probably told that not every student learns the same way, all students learn differently, and etc. We were taught about assets, differentiation, theories, all of which work. A theory that is interesting to look at, and help all students learn in their own ways is, Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences. Howard Gardner has his eight or nine intelligences, in which we all fall under at least one category, if not more. Although we have these intelligences, no two students have the same two. During this mini-course you will learn about the eight multiple intelligences that Howard Gardner defines, learn how to determine intelligences throughout your classroom, and how to incorporate them into your lessons effectively.

Course Overview

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • List five reasons on why we may use multiple intelligences in the classroom
  • Identify ways to use multiple intelligences in a lesson
  • Incorporate one or more intelligences into a lesson.

This course is organized into two units. As participants work through the course, participants will be asked to:

  • read various passages
  • watch instructional videos
  • reflect on their learning and their own classroom
  • write and deliver a lesson

Unit 1: What are multiple intelligences and why are they important?

Unit 1 Objective:

Participants will list five reasons on why we use multiple intelligences in the classroom and throughout lessons.

Lesson 1: What are multiple intelligences?

Lesson 1 Objective:

Participants will identify the multiple intelligences.

Lesson 2: Why are they important?

Lesson 2 Objective:

Participants will determine why multiple intelligences are important in the classroom and throughout lessons.

Unit 2: How do I use intelligences in my classroom and lessons?

Unit 2 Objective:

Participants will incorporate one or more intelligences into a lesson in their preferred subject area.

Lesson 3: How do I know what intelligences to use?

Lesson 3 Objective:

Participants will determine the intelligences in their classrooms.

Lesson 4: What activities address multiple intelligences?

Lesson 4 Objective:

Participants will identify activities that address multiple intelligences across subject areas.

Lesson 5: How do I use these in my lesson?

Lesson 5 Objective:

Participants will incorporate one or more multiple intelligences into a lesson.