Lesson 4: What activities address multiple intelligences?


ETAP 623 Spring 2018 Section 6476 | User:Scbass | Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom


Participants will identify activities that address multiple intelligences across subject areas.


There are so many activities that address multiple intelligences! In order to determine what intelligence your activity draws on, think about what you're asking your learners to do. Are they reading or writing? (linguistic) Are they working with numbers? (logical mathematical) Are they moving around? (bodily kinesthetic) Are they working outside? (naturalist)

Learning Tasks

The article contains activities that you can use for each intelligence. The video talks about a specific unit and identifies ways to draw upon each intelligence.

Article: Learning Activities that Connect with Multiple Intelligences

Video: Sample Standards and Unit with Multiple Intelligences

Using your assessment's from lesson three, start deciding what lesson you are going to create. You are going to do something in your discipline, or whatever you are comfortable with. Decide which intelligences are prominent in your classroom and think of activities to go along with that subject. Create a discussion in the tab above to obtain advice from peers and myself.

Great job! Time for the homestretch! Let's see if you can put everything together in Lesson 5: How do I use these in my lesson?!