Lesson 3: How do I know what intelligences to use?


ETAP 623 Spring 2018 Section 6476 | User:Scbass | Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom


Participants will determine the intelligences in their classrooms.


Now that we know what the multiple intelligences are and why they are important, we are going to begin looking at how to find out what intelligences correspond with your students. This lesson is going to help you decide your own intelligences, using the online self-assessment. In lesson one, we mention how everyone had a mixture of intelligences, and no one person is the same. The online assessment is going to give you a better percentage of which intelligences you possess. If you have a classroom where you can have students easily access it, use it! I also provided a print out copy!

What intelligence are you.jpg

Learning Tasks

Complete the self-assessment for yourself. In the discussion tab above, post your results.

Self Assessment: Multiple Intelligences Self Assessment

After taking the self-assessment, print out the following PDF or administer through the online assessment. Give it to your classroom, or the students you work with. Create a chart, tally, or a way to show me the different intelligences in your classroom. Email it to me at scbass@albany.edu, and then move on to the next lesson! You will need this when you begin writing your lesson.

Multiple Intelligences Survey

Awesome! Now you can determine what intelligences to use for each student. Time for Lesson 4: What activities address multiple intelligences?. You're almost done!