Lesson 5: How do I use these in my lesson?


ETAP 623 Spring 2018 Section 6476 | User:Scbass | Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom


Participants will incorporate one or more multiple intelligences into a lesson.


The four previous lessons have contained what the multiple intelligences are, why they are important, how to determine the intelligences your student's possess, and activities that correspond with each intelligence. In this lesson we're going to put it all together!

Learning Tasks

You are going to write a lesson plan in your discipline, or an area you are familiar with. You may use any template that you would like. Below is a list of things that should be included in your lesson plan. You may not use the goods and services lesson that was included in lesson four. Feel free to use the article in lesson four, Pinterest, Teachers Pay Teachers, and etc to help with ideas. When you have finished writing your lesson and are confident with it, email it to me at scbass@albany.edu. I will try to give you timely feedback!

Sample Lesson

  • Bulleted list item
  • A clear objective
  • A standard
  • An assessment
  • Materials
  • Vocabulary
  • Procedure
  • Clear indication of an intelligence being used (one or more)- this could be writing in parentheses the intelligence that is being used, it could be having a color coordinate key, and etc.

REMEMBER: It is almost impossible to use every intelligence in a lesson. Pull out intelligences that you saw predominately in your classroom.


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