UNIT 5: What if I need more help?


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This tutorial was developed in response to specific questions submitted by several individuals at my place of employment who are required to switch to Word 2007. It is intended primarily for users who are transferring their word processing skills to the newer version of the software. There are numerous resources available to provide additional help regarding the Word 2007 program.

Built-in Help

The Help menu for Word 2007 can be accessed within the program by pressing the F1 function key. From there, you may type in a search topic to locate specific information on that topic.

Microsoft Website

Beyond the program itself, there is a great deal of information available on the Internet. The Microsoft site has developed many tutorials, which can be found at the following links:

1. Help for Word 2007: Browse Word 2007 Help Table of Contents

Microsoft Help for Word 2007

2. Word 2007 training courses: A roadmap to Word 2007 training

Microsoft Word 2007 Training Courses

3. Additional Word 2007 Courses: Multiple courses on specific topics (both textual and auditory presentations)

Additional Microsoft Word 2007 Courses

4. Interactive Word 2007 Guide: Word 2003 to Word 2007 It is highly recommended that any user switching from 2003 to 2007 access the Word 2007 interactive command reference guide and store a link to it on the desktop. This visual, interactive reference guide helps you find your favorite Microsoft Office Word 2003 commands in the new 2007 interface.

Microsoft Word 2007 Interactive Command Reference Guide

Additional Internet Sites

Numerous video tutorials are available at the YouTube and TeacherTube websites that users are sure to find useful.


Check.gif The Microsoft Interactive Reference Guide for Word 2007 is an extremely helpful tool to assist those switching from earlier versions of Word to 2007. Download the Guide at the following site and store it on your desktop. This visual, interactive reference guide helps you find your favorite Microsoft commands from Word 2003 in the 2007 interface.

TO DOWNLOAD: Microsoft Word 2007 Interactive Command Reference Guide

Once you have the Guide on your desktop:

  1. Double-click the Interactive - Word 2003 to Word 2007 icon on your desktop to start the guide.
  2. Click the mouse pointer on the Word File on the Menu Bar.
  3. Click on Open in the drop-down menu.
  4. The Guide switches to the 2007 interface and an animation displays the new location for the command in the newer version of the program.
  5. Repeat several more times to find the location other commands in Word 2007.
  6. Close the program when you have completed the exercises.

A Final Message

Thank you for participating in my online course entitled Moving to Word 2007. It is my sincere hope that I have provided you with information that has enabled you to transfer to the newer version of the program smoothly and quickly. Should you have additional questions or want to post comments, please feel free to join the site and enter the Discussion area.

Meredith Kelly

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