Module One: What is the Cloud?


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Author: Sherri Lattimer


What is “the cloud”?

For this workshop, we will be learning about Google Drive and how portable and easy it is. Gmail and Google Drive are so portable because they take advantage of “the cloud.”

How does it work?

This video will explain how it works and what the benefits are:

Computer Basics: What is the cloud?

A sneak peek inside the cloud (It’s not a cloud at all!!)

This is what EVERYONE wants to know about the cloud. Where is it? Watch the video to find out where the cloud is actually located.

Inside Google's Data Center

An intro to Google Drive.

View the video for an overview of Google Drive.

Go Google: Google Drive

How do I create a new folder in Google Drive?

To create a folder using the new Google Drive, follow these steps:

While in your Google Drive:

Click the NEW button in the upper left.

Select New Folder.

Name your folder with your last name and Google Drive Training (mine would be Lattimer Google Drive Training) and click Create.

Follow-up questions

What are the benefits of cloud storage?

How does the cloud make it easier to collaborate with your class?

What are three technology problems the cloud solves?

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