Lesson 3: Resource Content

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Activity Builder

Activity Builder gives you free range to invent and create an activity in a way that it best suits your own lesson/subject. Once the activity is built it could be used as a review activity, addition to a lesson to reiterate a concept, or simply to have fun. Watch the video provided below to learn how to set up the Activity Builder using Notepad.

[SMART Notebook 11: Activity Builder]

Category Sort

Here's an activity that involved either images or text which can be used in any classroom, for any subject. By clicking here, you'll be able to learn how to create the activity Category Sort using the Notebook software. There will be step-by-step instructions provided for you.

If you'd like to see a video of how to create the activity Category Sort, [click here].


Multiple Choice

Here's yet another activity, Multiple Choice, where you can implement this during your lesson or after school at a review session. Multiple choice are most often found on unit exams. Taking the time to learn how to create a multiple choice activity will benefit your students and their experience with these types of questions. For step-by-step instruction on how to create a multiple choice activity, click here.

If you'd rather view a video on how to create a multiple choice activity [click here].


Word Guess

The last activity for this mini-course is Word Guess. Word guess is very similar to the game Hangman. Who doesn't like playing Hangman? Instead of doing it on the black board, have students get interactive and play it using the SMART Board. Students could virtually have tomatoes be thrown at a man, score goals in soccer, or play basketball. This activity would be an activity that is educational yet fun at the same time. For step-by-step instructions on how to create a word guess activity, click here.

If you'd prefer a video to show you how to create a word guess activity, [click here].


Reflection Questions

You've made it through all three lessons of this mini-course so nows your time to reflect. Take the time to reflect on this lesson, lesson 3 and post your reflections in the Discussion tab on the top of the screen.

  * What are your experiences with using SMART Board activities/games?
  * What do you think these activities/games could be used for?
  * Do you feel more confident in creating these activities after this mini-course?

Head to Post Assessment to reflect on the entire mini-course.

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