Post Assessment


You’ve completed the mini-lecture with the basics, the interactive content, and resource content. For your post assessment, I want you to create a mini-unit that you’d use in your own classroom. There are 3 different lessons I want you to make using:

1. Just the basics for the first lesson. I want you to create a lesson as you would for your normal classes but instead of using just black text, implement colors to signify importance of specific terms or use the highlighter pen to show an important snippet of information. Click new buttons and figure out their feature to spice up your lessons a little more.
2. The Gallery and/or SMART Exchange for your second lesson. Don’t be afraid to make it silly and colorful. Chances are, the students will love it.
3. An interactive activity or game. Get the students up to your board and physically engaging in the material. Find a way to make this mini-unit better than any other.

Click here to see the rubric used to assess the post assessment you create.

Once you’ve completed the mini-unit, I want you to take a moment to post it on, the Unknowns of the Smart Board Blog, or head there to simply make a comment or ask any questions! You can also use the discussion tab at the top of this page to make suggestions, ask questions, or make comments on this mini-course.

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