Lesson 3: Explore Tools for Educator's Students to use at Home


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Many of your students will have access to their parent's iPad or may even have their own. This lesson will introduce you to several applications you can show your students in class that will be helpful to reinforce concepts you've taught when they home without your guidance. This lesson will also give you several websites for students to go on which help with similar concepts in case they do not have access to an iPad.

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Video Demo:

"Piano Tutor" for iPad Demonstration

Many of your students if not all of them will not have access to the keyboard that is provided in this demonstration. They can play the notes right on the screen instead. (This app is not free)


Music Theory Worksheets

This website includes many different free worksheets for your students to do and bring back to school that help reinforce the theory concepts that go along with piano.

Piano Based Quizzes & Worksheets

This website has many different quizzes for students to take that are based on the piano, and worksheets for teachers to print off and give to their students to take home for homework. (It's free too!)

Kid Friendly Websites:

Online Piano Games

This link includes several games including ear training for piano with an on screen keyboard, listening to piano chords (for the upper level piano students), identifying notes on the staff using the keyboard, and many more.

iPad Applications:

"NoteWorks" (Demo) (Repeat from lesson 2)-Free version

"Dust Buster 2" (Demo)

There is a free version of this. The student plays along with the notes on the staff from his own piano (don't need a keyboard for this one) or the notes that drop down to an onscreen keyboard.

"Beat Melody" (Demo)

This is a free app if you only download one instrument. You get to choose which one (Piano). This app is great for reinforcing which side of the piano has the high notes (right side) and which side has the low notes (left) if you have students who are struggling with this concept. It is a great tool for ear training as well.

"SightReading+" (Demo)

There is a free version of this app that does not include the key signatures but it does the job reinforcing notes on the piano (and the staff) for the beginner. This is also tracks your accuracy and average time that you are taking to answer. This would be good to use with an older beginner student because it doesn't have all of the graphics and characters involved that a younger student app might have.

"Piano Maestro (Piano Mania)" (Demo)

This is another great tool for students to practice matching notes on the staff to the piano. There is a very simple free version of this app but I highly recommend buying the full version. It is great for young beginners because of all the graphics and characters.

Looking Ahead to Assessment:

  • What are some tools I can introduce to my piano students for use at home that would correlate with my lesson?
  • What applications or music programs would be best for my students with special needs to use at home?