Jen Slauson's mini-course: Integrating Technology into Piano Education

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Learners taking this course should have a strong background in piano. They should also have a degree in teaching music as well. It is not mandatory but some concepts looked at through programs will be difficult to understand if the learner does not have prior knowledge.

What You May Want Accessible to You:

  • iPad
  • SMART board
  • Computer
  • Keyboard/Piano

What will learners get from this course?

This course will teach the learner how to integrate technology into piano education. The learner will obtain knowledge about how to incorporate different types of technology such as iPads, computers, Smartboards, etc. into his/her daily lessons to become a more effective piano teacher. These techniques can be used in both private lessons, and classroom settings. This course will also discuss different apps and/or programs educators can suggest to their students for the use at home.

Since technology is so important in the 21st century I wanted to discuss some programs and different technology that is out there that may not be familiar to every educator. This course will give you new ideas, suggestions, and programs that use the piano and music concepts that you as educators will be able to use in your classroom and/or lessons.

Learning Outcomes: By the end of this course learners will have developed cognitive strategies, intellectual skills, motor skills, and have developed a positive attitude towards using technology when teaching piano to their students. For example, learners will determine which activities are best for their students' skill level by learning about different programs that are available online (intellectual), analyze and use different programs that are out there for their students to use based on the skill level(cognitive), and experiment with different forms of technology and/or programs in their classroom or lessons with the students to help them better understand the concepts being taught (cognitive, motor). Learners will also gain an appreciation for using technology in the piano education classroom (attitude).


  • How do you implement technology using the SMART board in piano education?
  • How do you implement technology using the iPad(s) in piano education ?
  • What programs/applications are out there for students to use at home to reinforce concepts taught in the classroom?


This course will walk you through the following lessons to use in a piano education environment:

Lesson 1: Integrating the Smartboard in Piano Education

Lesson Objective: Learners will explore different SMART board activities and resources that assist with piano education.


In this lesson you will:

  • Explore different SMART board programs/activities that are available to piano educators (using a SMART board if available) by watching YouTube videos
  • Explore different websites that have ways of using the SMART board in a piano education classroom that involve both programs that are available and ways to use the SMART board without music programs (that may be costly).

Lesson 2: Integrating the iPad in Piano Education

Lesson Objective: Learners will explore different iPad applications that assist with piano education.


In this lesson, you will:

  • Use an iPad (if available) to explore different applications that are available to use that reinforce concepts when teaching piano.
  • Watch different YouTube videos, and explore different websites that are available to implement technology in the music education classroom.

Lesson 3: Explore Tools for Educator's Students to use at Home

Lesson Objectives: Learners will explore different web based resources and applications that will help their learners reinforce piano concepts at home.

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In this lesson, you will:

  • Watch several YouTube videos that are good examples of the different applications that are available for students to use at home. These videos will include games that do a good job of reinforcing piano/music concepts as a fun way for students to learn.
  • Explore several different websites that are available for the learner's students to use at home

Assessment: Apply What You Have Learned

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After you have explored all of the lessons in this mini-course:

  • Do a self-assessment on what you have learned based on the questions and activities in this assessment portion.
  • Share with your colleagues

Links and Other Resources

Links Not Used in Lessons:

Media:Technology_in_the_music_classroom.pdf Benefits of Using Technology in the Music Classroom-(pdf)

Quick Links to Sources Used in Lessons: Distance piano lesson using a SMART board demo -SMART board activity -Learn about the piano iPad -iPad applications -Integrating technology into music education website -iPad applications for music education (use piano for some) -iPad resource -SMART board resource -SMART board YouTube video -virtual keyboard - iPad apps - iPad apps - NoteWorks app for iPad YouTube demo - Worksheets and quizzes for students Learn About the Piano- Elementary -Interactive way to learn about the piano - "Drill Builder" for SMART board

http://%20 - "Piano Tutor" for SMART board - iPad resource "Musical Trixstar Playpad" -iPad resource "GarageBand" -iPad, app, reinforcement at home, "Piano Tutor" - Music theory worksheets for reinforcement at home - Online Piano games, reinforcement at home -"DustBuster 2", iPad app, reinforcement at home -"BeatMelody", iPad app, reinforcement at home -"SightReading+", iPad app, reinforcement at home - "Piano Maestro (Piano Mania)", iPad app, reinforcement at home

Media:SMARTBoardelemmusicworkshop.pdf -SMART board Workshop pdf