Lesson 2: Integrating the iPad in Piano Education


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Some of you may own an iPad and hopefully all of you have at least gotten your hands on one. This lesson will provide you will some apps that will be helpful to your own students in your classrooms. There are a lot of interactive apps out there that are useful when teaching piano. Please click on the links to begin viewing.

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Video Clips

"PianoFlash!" -iPad Application Demonstration

This iPad app is great for students who need more help learning the notes of the piano.

"NoteWorks" - iPad application demonstration

I frequently use this application at the end of my student's piano lesson to quickly review notes. I can watch what notes they are struggling with and assess how the are doing. The younger students love this app because it is a game and they get a score at the end. They also like to have competitions with my other piano students. You can sign on under several different names and keep each student's progress saved. This is also a great app. for your students to use at home if they have accessibility to an iPad (there is a free version).

Musical Trixstar Playpad Demonstration

This is a great app I use for reviewing notes with students on the staff. You can pick treble or bass clef and click on a line or a space and then have the student try to name the note. Then I have them play that note on the piano and see if they can match the notes up correctly. There is a free version of this application that switches between the bass clef and treble clef only which is what I use right now!

"GarageBand" Keyboard Demo

There are a lot of different things you can do with the GarageBand app. There are thousands of helpful clips on YouTubethat demonstrate how to hook up your iPad to a midi keyboard, and how to record songs using a Mac computer. There are also many different demonstrations with the app itself. If you have the proper equipment in your classroom this is a great resource. Here is just one of the many examples of how to connect your iPad to your keyboard titled,"Quick Tip: Use Your Casio Keyboard to Control GarageBand".


Tenuto for iPad (must purchase to use on your iPad)

This application is great to use when reinforcing theory concepts with students. In order to use on an iPad it must be purchased. This website would be good for students to use on the computer in the classroom or at home for review.

Best iPad Apps For Piano Teachers

This website has a lot of useful tools for piano teachers, including some of the best apps for piano teachers to use with their students. Please click the link to begin reading.

Top Games for Piano

This website has some great iPad games for piano students. Please click the link and begin exploring.

Looking ahead to assessment:

  • What iPad applications would be useful in my classroom/private lessons based on my students needs?
  • Write a lesson plan using an iPad application based on the information from this mini-course.
  • Why would using an iPad in piano education be helpful when working with students with special needs?