Assessment: Apply What You Have Learned


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Now that you have completed all of the lessons in this mini-course:

Out of the tools, applications, programs given, describe in writing 4 or 5 of the resources available and how you may use them in your classroom to enhance your students' learning.

To Dos:

Write a lesson plan that involves the use of the technology resources given from this mini-course.

Afterward:Self-reflect on the lessons you have taught in your own classroom given the resources from this mini-course.

Write: Compare the given resources from the two lessons in this mini-course and reflect on how to use these in your classroom

Communicate with your colleagues about what you have implemented into your lessons and maybe they will also gain an appreciation for technology in their music classroom like you hopefully did!

Questions to consider:

  • How can we as educators in the 21st century enhance learning in our classrooms so that our students may better retain information we teach them?
  • What applications/programs are available for my students with special needs?
  • What applications/programs are available that would work best in my classroom/private lesson setting?
  • What applications/programs would I suggest for my students to use at home to reinforce piano concepts?

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Lesson 1: Integrating the Smartboard in Piano Education

Lesson 2: Integrating the iPad in Piano Education

Lesson 3: Explore Tools for Educator's Students to use at Home