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This course will teach the learner how to integrate technology into piano education. The learner will obtain knowledge about how to incorporate different types of technology such as iPads, computers, Smartboards, etc. into his/her daily lessons to become a more effective piano teacher. These techniques can be used in both private lessons, and classroom settings. This course will also discuss different apps and/or programs educators can suggest to their students for the use at home.

Since technology is so important in the 21st century I wanted to discuss what programs and technology is out there that may not be familiar to every educator. This course will give you new ideas, suggestions, and programs that use the piano and music in general to use in your classroom and/or lessons.

Learning Outcomes: By the end of this course learners will have developed cognitive strategies, intellectual skills, motor skills, and have developed an attitude towards using technology when teaching piano to their students. For example, learners will determine which activities are best for their students' skill level by learning about different programs that are available online (intellectual), analyze and use different programs that are out there for their students to use based on the skill level(cognitive), and experiment with different forms of technology and/or programs in their classroom or lessons with the students to help them better understand the concepts being taught (cognitive, motor). Learners will also gain an appreciation for using technology in the piano education classroom (attitude).

Needs Assessment

1. Instructional Problem

In order to instruct our students through the use of technology we as educators must first explore what is out there for our students. We have to find resources to use that are valuable to our 21st century piano instruction. We as educators do not know every possible resource that is out there and will probably never know everything that is available to us but this mini-course will introduce the learner to a variety of available online resources.

2. What is to be Learned?

Educators will learn how to enhance student learning through the use of technology by using music education applications on iPads, SmartBoard programs, and other music based technology that is available.

3. The Learners

Learners will include current educators teaching music in K-12 environments that are using piano, including educators that are teaching private piano lessons. These learners will have some familiarity with using the internet, iPads, SmartBoards, and technology in general. They must be aware that the applications and programs that are available to them may change over time and not be available to them at a later date. The learners should also have a degree in music education in order to successfully use the resources given.

4. Context for Instruction

Learners participating in this mini-course will learn the context solely online and be delivered asynchronously. Delivery of this information will require the use of a computer, internet, iPad, SmartBoard, and at times a keyboard or piano so that you can familiar with using technology simultaneously with the instrument.

5. Exploring the Instructional Problem and Solution

Educators taking this course will explore different technology using music and be able to determine what will work for them in their specific teaching setting. Participants in this mini-course will engage in activities through different programs that will allow them to determine what will be better fitting to their own student's musical needs.

6. Goals of this Mini-Course

One goal of this course is to make educators aware of what technology is available to them to use in their classroom during their lessons or one on one use. A second goal of this mini-course is to give educators tools to use to make learning for their students more enjoyable. The last goal of this mini-course is to provide teachers with technology tools that the students can use at home so learning will still be taking place outside of school, reinforcing what was learned in school.

Performance Objectives

Using the given resources, by the end of this course learners will be able to:

- Analyze online resources/programs that use piano education/music concept tools by identifying the pros and possibly the cons that each program provides for them and also be able to identify the musical concepts that are being used in each program. (cognitive)

- Demonstrate a better understanding of different piano education tools/resources that incorporate technology by describing in writing the uses of 4 or 5 of the tools given and how he/she may use it in their own classroom in the future. (intellectual)

- Effectively use different strategies involving technology that help their own students learn piano/music concepts (cognitive, motor)

- Develop curriculum that uses technology that is supplemental to their own classroom/private lessons, taking into consideration students' skill levels (intellectual)

- Demonstrate appreciation by choosing to incorporate technology in the piano education classroom to enhance students' learning.(attitude)

Task Analysis

Lesson One: How do you implement technology into piano education environment using the Smart-board?

-Learners will explore different Smart-board activities and resources that assist with piano education.

Lesson Two: How do you implement technology in a piano education environment using iPads?

-Learners will explore different iPad applications that assist with piano education.

Lesson Three: What technology resources are out there to help students reinforce concepts at home that they've learned in class?

-Learners will explore different web based resources and applications that will help their learners reinforce piano concepts at home.


The learner will answer a few self-assessment follow up questions based on what they have learned from this mini-course. The learner will also be able to apply the knowledge he/she has learned in their own individual classroom and then be able to self-assess. Learners will demonstrate a better understanding of different piano education tools/resources that incorporate technology by describing in writing the uses of 4 or 5 of the tools given and how he/she may use it in their own classroom in the future

Curriculum Map

References and Resources iPad applications Integrating technology into music education website ] iPad applications for music education (use piano for some) Smartboard resource