Educational Technology in the Health Classroom


This mini-course has been created to help support health teachers in creating lessons that use educational technology in order to increase student engagement. It will serve as a resource for teachers to find relevant information on instructional technology in the health classroom.

By the end of this course, teachers will have relevant tools for using 1-to-1 devices in the classroom, be able to build a culturally relevant elearning health course, and some guidelines for including safe technology use in their curriculum.

Needs Assessment

1. Instructional Problem

Many educational technology resources are designed with the general teacher in mind, but these tools often do not apply well to the health education classroom. What few technological resources health teachers do have, they are often through a physical education lens. This makes searching for tools difficult and frustrating for the classroom health educator. Another source of frustration for the health education teacher is the ever increasing prevalence of elearning courses. Health education is supposed to help students develop beliefs and skills, not just content, so elearning courses present a great challenge. These courses are often content-only and do not address health as a whole. The final problem is the lack of technology safety standards at the state or national level. While it is important to meet all health education standards, the lack of safe technology education is a detriment to health education students.

2. What is to be Learned

Educators will learn how to adapt pre-existing educational technology in order to make it relevant in the health education classroom and create an engaging elearning course scope and sequence that addresses not only content but also beliefs and skills.

3. The Learners The learners for this course will be primarily health teachers or anyone who is coordinating curriculum for a health education program. Learner Analysis: Learners within this course will be health educators and k12 administrators. The participants will have a degree of familiarity with the best practices of health education and the use of elearning in a 7-12 setting.

4. Context for Instruction

Participants will learn content within this mini-course online, in the location of their choosing. Delivery of the content will require the use of a computer and a stable Internet connection.

5. Exploring the Instructional Problem and Solution

Participants will explore the course that will introduce them to various educational technology resources that are either health centered or how to adapt pre-existing resources for health education. They will also seek guidance on how to create an elearning health course that addresses content, beliefs, and skills.

6. Goals of the Mini-Course

Participants will gain understanding of and confidence in use of educational technology in a health course. Participants will be able to create their own elearning health course that addresses content, beliefs, and skills.


#1 Teacher will feel comfortable using at least one tool that integrates 1-to-1 devices into the health education classroom. 
#2  Teacher will be able to create a culturally relevant scope and sequence within the confines of an elearning course. 

This mini-course was developed by Carmen Coppola, as student in the M.S in Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology program at the State University of New York at Albany.

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