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General Suggestions and Feedback from the Instructor

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ETAP 623 Spring 09 Class Members

To encourage peer review and feedback, and specifically to prepare for our "developmental try-out," I created the following groups based on the content you're addressing and pedagogical/technological designs you're using. Please read your group members' portfolios and give suggestions/comments in the discussion space of each portfolio page (see "discussion" on the top of a page).

Group A

Todd Lewis, ETAP 623 student, Sr. Network Administrator, Middletown, New York. (Jianwei commented on your COURSE, Talk:Igge_minicourse )

Jay Chakravarthy, ETAP 623 student, Computer Science Instructor (Jianwei commented on your course: Talk:Unit_1:_Online_safety:_What_is_it?)

Group B

Augustine Fucci, ETAP 623 student, Mathematics Teacher, Greenville, New York. (Jianwei commented on your ICM,see portofilio 4/21; and on your COURSE: Talk:Motivating the Mathematics Student )

Amy Fleury, ETAP 623 (spring 2009), Math Essentials instructor (Jianwei commented on your objectives, 3/25 )

Danielle Melia, ETAP 623 student, Library Media Specialist at Longwood High School, Middle Island, New York.(Jianwei commented on your ICM, 3/27; commented on your course: Talk:Evaluating Websites Course Introduction )

Group C

Jason Kozel, ETAP 623 student, full time English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teacher, part time traveler. (Jianwei commented on your objectives and ICM, 3/27; On your course Talk:Snagit: Instructional applications )

Colleen DePuy, ETAP 623 student, English and Special Education teacher at Victor Senior High (Jianwei commented on your ICM, 3/27; On your course Talk:Developing Student Skills for the Constructivist Classroom )

Stephanie Ames, ETAP 623 student, English Language Arts middle school teacher (Jianwei commented on your portfolio page (objectives), 3/28; on your course: Talk:Stephanie's Portfolio Page )

Group D

Magaly Barreto, Etap 623 student, ELA Teacher

Bonnie Blood, ETAP 623 student, ELA Teacher (Jianwei commented on your objectives and ICM, 3/31; On your course: Talk:Bonnie Blood )

User:Annmarie_Parathiras, ETAP 623 student, ELA student teacher at Stephen and Harriet Myers Middle School.(Jianwei commented on your objectives, 3/28 )

Group E

Melissa Stepanian, ETAP 623 student, Social Studies Teacher at Bayside High School, Bayside, New York.(Jianwei commented on your objectives and ICM, 3/28; On your course: Talk:Melissa Stepanian's Portfolio Page. )

Dan Fountain, ETAP 623 student, 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher at Schoharie, Just outside of Albany, New York.(Jianwei commented on your objectives, 3/29 )

Ashley Keegan, ETAP 623 student, substitute teacher, full time student.(Jianwei commented on your objectives and ICM, 3/29; on your lessons: Talk:Ashley's Portfolio Page )

Susan Towey, ETAP 623 student, High School AVID Elective Teacher, RCSD (Jianwei commented on your objectives and ICM, 4/21; on your course Talk:Susan.towey portfolio page)

Group F

Salvatore Viola, ETAP 623 student, Elementary General Music Teacher. (Jianwei commented on your objectives and ICM, 3/29 )

Kristina Lattanzio, ETAP 623 student, High School Music Teacher in Goshen, Orange County, New York.(Jianwei commented on your objectives, 3/29; ON YOUR ICM, 4/1; On your course: Talk:Kristina's Portfolio Page )

Elizabeth Kinney, ETAP 623 student, Meditation Instructor Albany area (Jianwei commented on your objectives, 3/29 )

James Ranni, ETAP 623 student, Guidance Counselor and Secondary Social Studies teacher at Marist Brothers International School, Kobe, Japan(Jianwei commented on your objectives, 3/29; On your course Talk:Jim's Portfolio Page )

Group G

Colleen Bryla, ETAP 623 student, Secondary Science teacher, John F. Kennedy Middle School, Utica, NY.Jianwei commented through emails; Commented on your course Talk:Colleen B.'s portfolio page

Lindsey Wilson, ETAP 623 student, substitute teacher, part time student. (Jianwei commented on your objectives, 3/29; on your course Talk:Varying the Level of Inquiry in Science Lab Activities )

Christina Slojkowski, ETAP 623 student, Radiologic Techniology Teacher, Jamestown, New York.(Jianwei commented on your objectives, 3/29 )

Jianwei Zhang, ETAP 623 instructor, assistant professor, ETAP, UAlbany.

Scott Graham,ETAP 623 student, 9th Grade Global History teacher, Johnson City, NY.

Michael Fortune, ETAP 623 student Fall 2009, Elementary Band Director, Saratoga Springs, New York.

Roger Wistar, ETAP 623 student; Instructor in Computer, The Hotchkiss School; Lakeville, CT

Guidelines for the Project Work

In order to facilitate teachers’ learning, these Wiki-based mini-courses need to integrate proper instructional design components (e.g., instructional objectives, instructional sequencing, instructional strategies, media use, self-assessment and reflection, etc.), following the design processes and principles highlighted in this course. During this project, you need to create and update a portfolio wiki-page to record your design thinking. Throughout this process, you will have chances to share your design with the whole class and get feedback.

The Design Project will be evaluated based on these criteria: Evaluation criteria

For some examples of possible topics, see Example topics.


Please open the agenda here: ETAP 623 Spring 09 Design Project Agenda

Index of Our Products: Mini-Courses/Instructional Case Reports

Please add in this index page your name followed by your course title, with title linked to the front page of your mini-course/instructional case report.

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