ETAP 623 Spring 2009 Project Product Index


Please add in this index page your name followed by your course title, with the title linked to the front page of your mini-course/instructional case report. This will help us understand who is doing what and communicate with peers are working on similar topics.



Colleen DePuy Developing Student Skills for the Constructivist Classroom

Dan Fountain Effective Social Studies Classroom Discussion

Lindsey Wilson Varying the level of inquiry in the science classroom

Colleen Bryla Data analysis for differentiated instruction

Amy Fleury Educational Gaming - Is it a valid resource?

Jason Kozel Snagit: Instructional applications

Todd Lewis: Todd's Portfolio Page

James Ranni Reducing Student Stress Through Instructional Practice

Susan Towey Educate with GoAnimate

Annmarie Parathiras Using MOO's to Foster Literary Understanding

Stephanie Ames Strategic Reading Across the Content Areas

Bonnie Blood Reading Strategies in the High School Curriculum

Melissa Stepanian: Podcasting (Melissa Stepanian's Portfolio Page.)

Kristina Lattanzio Developing Music Analysis Skills Using Feedback, Composition And Technology

Roger Wistar Effective Use of Self-paced Learning in the Classroom Environment

Instructional Case Reports

Kristina Lattanzio: Developing Music Analysis Skills Using Feedback, Composition And Technology

Elizabeth Kinney Collaborative Learning with Computer Support (using examples of nutritional hazards)

Magaly Barreto Exploring Latin American Countries and Caribbean Islands

Ashley Keegan Electronic Portfolios for Middle School Students(Ashley's Portfolio Page)

Salvatore Viola Teaching rhythmic notation incorporating the theories of Multiple Intelligence "Let's Keep the Beat": Unit Overview and Goal

Christina Slojkowski Unit One Digestive System (Addressing misconceptions through collaborative learning)

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