Using Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in English class


Welcome to my mini-course entitled "Using Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in English Class"!

This course is designed for participants who teach English either in English as a Second Language or in English as a Foreign Language. According to the study by Erwen and Wenning (2017), “students can acquire the language input before class by watching the video clips in the system. Since the video clips are of dual panel and available for repeated watching, students can enjoy a more interesting and less anxious experience in the process of language input” (p. 163). The current mini-course provide the participants with useful tips and methods to evaluate the needs of using MOOCs in teaching English and develop supporting materials for teaching English listening and writing with using MOOCs. The objectives of this mini-course are as below:


1. Participants will successfully define meaning and features of MOOCs after watching given video clips and reading an article in the units.

2. Participants will successfully understand their interest in MOOCs and Coursera, and usage of the courses as supporting materials for their students' English learning after conducting the pre-assessment.

3. Participants will successfully find relevant courses of Coursera after reading the given manual.

4. Participants will effectively use and adapt courses of Coursera for listening and writing in English after reading the given manuals.


Participants will successfully define the meaning, features of MOOCs (focusing on Coursera) and use them for enhancing their students’ English learning by going through the three units of lessons.

UNIT 1: Getting to Know about MOOCs

UNIT 2: Pre-assessments & Course Search

UNIT 3: Application - How to Use MOOCs for English Learning