Using Games in Your Classroom


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Unit 3 Objectives

At the end of the unit, learners will be able to:

- create their own lesson plan using a game as a resource

- reflect on the implementation of the lesson into their classroom

Using Games in the Classroom

There are 4 basic ways that gaming can be used in the classroom. They range from the beginner teacher who doesn't know much about games or gaming and extend to the experienced educator who is fluent in the realm of gaming.

1) Bring the games that students play at home into the classroom through discussion. Allow students to direct the conversation but make sure it stays relevant to the topic. Many of your students probably play or have played a game that relates to the current topic you are learning in class.

2) Use the principles behind good, complex games to make some or all of your teaching more 'game-like." This will help keep your students engaged in the classroom. Keeping students continually engaged can be as simple as having them do a task every few minutes. Help them see the connections between what they are doing now and what they will do next. Most of all, be creative!!

3) Play in class a game specifically designed for education. There are many games that have curriculum specific content. Some are even designed to go with current standards. Use these games as a tool for tutoring to help students who are struggling in certain areas.

4) Play a commercial, off-the-shelf game that was not specifically designed for education, in class, either as a whole class or as individual students playing separately. Help students see the connections between the skills they are learning and the skills they need to be successfull in life.

Culminating Activity

There are other ways to use games but these are the most common. Choose one way to use a game in your classroom. Develop a detailed lesson plan that will incorporate gaming as the main form of media.

Here is an example: Media:SampleLessonPlan.pdf